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    Anyone know this roasting machine?

    I am looking for some Probat roasting machine.

    Today, One of my friends suggested to purchase this roasting machine.

    It seems to be a Probat, but i am not sure.

    He said it is 30 kg and there is a Probat logo beside the drum.

    Please let me know if somebody know this model.

    Anyone know this roasting machine?-kakaotalk_20170911_131343511.jpg
    Anyone know this roasting machine?-kakaotalk_20170911_161554312.jpg

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    Only because of the square sheet metal enclosure, it looks like an old Probat G series machine. Or a heavily modified G series. Or a copy of a G series machine.

    The offset trier, cooling tray configuration, and control panel look a little different, but Probat has made machines for 150 years. They may have just been bored.

    I've worked on a handful of old monster roasters. You'll probably be buying electrical parts off Ebay, if you are lucky.

    On the basis that roast quality is more the operator than the machinery, this might turn out to be an okay machine.

    The bigger issue is your roaster is at the core of your business. Would you put your children in a 50 year old rusty, leaking, gear grinding, smoke belching school bus everyday?

    That would be insane only if there was no other choice and/or you really trusted the driver.
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