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    SOLD (all three): Sivetz Two-bagger, One-bagger, 48-pound Roasters (Used)


    We have three used Sivetz roasters for sale! We have a 48-pounder, originally purchased in 1994, a one-bagger, purchased in 1997, and a two-bagger, purchased in 2000. All three roasters are in working condition, with no more than the normal wear that comes with high volume roasting. Both the 48-pounder and the one-bagger will come with cooling trays. All three roasters are currently crated and being kept in storage. The roasters will not be sold with afterburners. Asking prices are listed below.

    Two-bagger: $55,000
    One-bagger: $25,000
    48-pounder: $15,000

    Please contact Craig by texting or calling (816)547-3772 with any questions or to make an offer.

    Thank you!!
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    Hello cmpark3

    Please keep us updated by posting a message here on this thread after each roaster is sold.


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    All three of these roasters have been sold, thank you.




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