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    Advise Please: Looking for My Next Coffee Roaster


    Ive been roasting low tech(popcorn popper) now for a year and I want to go to the next level. This is right now just a hobby/obsession but I would like to learn more and see where it goes. I would like to find a roaster where I can learn the basics and also have some of the features of a commercial roaster might have. If that makes sense and is possible. Ive looked at roasters like Quest M3, Huky, BC Roaster, and Mill City. I like the Mill City ones a lot but not sure if Im willing to spend that money right now.

    If you could give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

    All the best,
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    Hello Thor,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

    I always thought that the next level up from roasting with a popcorn popper would be a small roaster that you would find on the Sweet Maria's website.

    I have a feeling you are thinking of making a bigger jump - more than just to the next level.

    We have a lot of members on this Forum who started out roasting at a very basic level. Hopefully they will be able to give you some good advise.

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    Get a Huky and watch all of our videos.

    The first thing you need to learn about is coffee and what you really need to learn about coffee is a tryer and airflow control.You can spend a bunch more money on professional equipment, but you'll be buying much more of a machine than you can use right now. They Huky will be fussy, but it will not be a limiting factor to either roast quality or your ability to learn your craft.

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    Thank you Steve for the advice!! I'm in the process of going through all your lessons on youtube and taking classes from roasters in New York.



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