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    I never have used the co2 only the water. I was offered it a long time ago but it was expensive. You know another thing that can warp a drum is cooling it too quickly. I have had some doozie of fires and to be honest I usually grab a hose I have set up with quick release on the 3 compartment sink. A fire breaks out and I kill the power. If it isn't put out by chocking it(no fans) I then hit it with water. Afer it out a quick wet vac and fire the roaster back up. I was able to contain a chimney fire in my old 120 kilos after burner. I just kept hitting the outside of the afterburner with water till the fire department showed up. A hour after the fire department left we were up and running again. I am not saying that co2 is not the answer just that what I have experienced in the past works for me.
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