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    Cosini hrm-350 diy home roast machine

    Hello ,
    I'm not a marketer, nor am I dealing with trade.

    I love coffee and I like roasting in the house.

    I tried different methods and decided to try to make my own roasting machine.

    I would like to ask that I can publish a photo and video from my attempt and the result I had.

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    Hello Cosini,

    Thank you for your inquiry. It was very nice of you to ask if it was okay to post a video and photos.

    Yes, you are welcome to post photos and a video here.

    I think many of us would be interested to see how you made your own roasting machine and find out how it is working for you.


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    ok , thx rose .

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    Hi Guys ,
    I love coffee and here in Greece because of a large volume of tourists we eat too much coffee in various forms espresso capuchino hot fredo, nescafe hot nescafe frape, greek coffee etc.

    Italy is next to it, and in the past past there has been a mixture of ideas where we maintain an Italian philosophy for coffee and especially for espresso.
    so I decided to learn the roasting of coffee.

    I tried with a popcorn machine, with a heat gun, with a turbo oven
    so I decided to build my own machine that combines some of the ways I've tried and has great ease of use in the home by new users like me.
    I made a plan and based on it I started the construction which was completed after about 2 months.
    the machine was finished, some tests and some corrections were needed and the result was very good and that's why I'm glad to introduce it to you.
    ************************************************** ************************
    I present to you the machine I have made for roasting coffee in the house.

    COSINI HRM-350

    01.The machine can easily roast up to 500 grams of coffee.
    02.The machine is very easy to use.
    03. We have full adjustment of the roasting temperature
    04. The machine can roast inside the drum with the temperature of the lamps like a behmor or a hot air like a heat gun or with both at the same time depending on the profile we want to give to the coffee.
    05.You can take a sample of coffee beans when it is roasted.
    06.You can adjust the rotary basket speed.
    07.It has a touch screen timer.
    08.It has a shutdown time switch.
    09.It has indications of temperature and humidity in the area.
    10.At the end of roasting, with air flow from the machine the basket of coffee is cooled quickly inside the machine, and the chaff of the coffee beans are also left inside in the machine space.
    11. Has a beautiful presence and can easily be next to a coffee maker.

    Here you can see the videos of the machine
    (the temperature displayed is in degrees Celsius )

    COSINI HRM-350



    Cosini hrm-350 diy home roast machine-m01.jpgCosini hrm-350 diy home roast machine-m05.jpgCosini hrm-350 diy home roast machine-m06.jpgCosini hrm-350 diy home roast machine-m07.jpgCosini hrm-350 diy home roast machine-telos1.jpg

    more Fotos here :


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    New video with COSINI HRM-350



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