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    Information Please: Need coffee roasting and ventilation tips for a highrise location


    I'm currently taking some classes in coffee roasting and trying to learn as much as possible about the entire industry, so apologies if I'm missing the obvious at times.

    Right now, I'm looking at the feasibility of starting my own company and looking at a variety of spaces and getting to know the ins and outs of dealing with realtors and landlords, permits, zoning, etc...

    One of the biggest hurdles so far is finding places suitable enough for ventilation. I'm sure this is a common issue for all roasters? I live in Vancouver where the majority of the spaces are highrises that have been built in the last 20-30 years, there are very few available single story or double story older locations, which I see most roasters here get into.

    We need to vent from the top of the roof and with the cost of venting, I can see why.

    But does anyone have any experience moving into a highrise location and have any tips about ventilation? Is it just simple math where it would be logistically impossible and completely unaffordable? I haven't found any information on anyone trying, so figured I'd ask around.

    Classes resume in September, so it may be something I can bring up during one of those as well, but it's been picking at my brain while I go through this.

    Thank you,


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    I'd suggest you get in contact with Doug Graf. I have no experience working with him but maybe he can help you out.

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    Hi Matt,

    When you talk about locating in a high rise, are you referring to a ground level commercial location with residential units above, or all commercial building?

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    Apologies for the late reply.

    I'll look up Doug Graf and see if you may have some advice.

    Mr.Peaberry: It could be mixed, most of the time in Vancouver it's commercial on the ground floor, residential on top.

    Honestly, I'm looking for other more suitable locations, but the whole commercial on the bottom and 3-20 stories on top is the most common here so far.

    Much appreciated.

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    My advice would be to talk to Ed Benn. He is the best burner engineer I know, and he would likely be excited about the challenges such an endeavor would present.
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