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    SOLD: Diedrich HR-1

    Selling My Diedrich HR-1 roaster. It runs on a standard household outlet. Roasts 1/2 to 1 lb at a time. Works great just moving on to other geeky pursuits. Also includes all parts, manuals, scale, grinder and some tin-tie bags. $3800 or reasonable offers. I'm in Seattle, WA. I'm open to a road trip for delivery...not everywhere but just letting you know that I'm flexible. Will show how to operate and maintain. Feel free to message with any questions.


    SOLD: Diedrich HR-1-img_20181031_171212.jpg

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    Hello genxnomad,

    Please post a message here when your roaster is sold.


    ~ Rose

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    New Price....Everything only $3200 OBO

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    sold thanks



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