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    What are roasters using to protect ears in the production room?

    Ear protection that is. What are roasters using to protect ears in the production room? run of the mill ear plugs? Noise cancelling headphones? Thanks !

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    My 12K roaster is not loud enough to worry about it... and I'm a freak about my ear protection (avid music/concert fan). My experience is mainly limited to musician plus but I've tried most brands on the market... I'm a HUGE fan of Etymotic Research earplugs.. they range from inexpensive to pricy for custom models. I recommend starting off with some inexpensive safety plugs like:

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    I do not have a loader anymore so I really do not need ear protection. I used to use the "earmuff" style ear protection..I could still hear but wouldn't damage my hearing. I wasn't a fan of the ear plugs. I would hate for that to fall out and end up in the coffee. You do not want noise still need to hear if any issues arise.
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