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    Need Help on roasting Basics

    I have 15 Kg Drum roasting machine, i have try several time roasting coffee bean and the coffee always come out uneven color especially the robusta. iknow robusta and arabica has different roasting technique. Can anyone share the roasting skills? Several general information will be appreciated:

    Arabica and Robusta

    1. Roasting Time?
    2. First Crack Temp, Time and duration?
    3. Second Crack Temp and Time?
    4. Charge Temperature?
    5. Airflow? when to open/close, high or low
    6. The optimal ROR per minute?

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    1. ALL of the information you are asking for is available on this forum.
    2. Watch ALL Mill City Roaster video classes on roasting.
    Q: How did you get a 15k roaster and NOT know how to roast???
    Option: If you offer to cover expenses I'm sure someone would be willing teach you the fine art of roasting.



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