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    Need HELP connecting Phidget to Typica Roasting Software

    Hello Coffee Roasters, and Good Morning!

    I am reaching out hoping someone out there can help me understand how to connect my roaster to my computer using a 1048.0 4 temperature sensor phidget. I recently had my computer backed up and upgraded and as a result I lost the configuration I was using to my roaster through Typica. When I reinstalled Typica I have not been able to connect to the roaster through the Phidget and could use some advice.

    How do you change probe type so that we get a correct temperature reading? (I have J-Type probes)
    What do you do if the phidget is reading hotter than it should? (I've been able to achieve a reading within Typica, but when I turn the gas on the temperature that is displayed soars to hotter temperatures than the roaster display shows)

    Can anyone help me get my phidget and Typica talking correctly?

    Thanks for the advice!




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