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    Who has roasted robusta beans?

    Has anyone here roasted robusta beans?

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    I have but only for practice/seasoning. I add some Robusta in my Espresso blends on occasion.

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    I regularly roast robusta. We use it in a couple of espresso blends. I enjoy the unique flavour Arabica can't offer. Comes with its drawbacks though, heavy chaff and can start a chaff fire if you're not careful (I roast in isolated cycle), also unpalatable when underdeveloped. Rocking taste though!

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    Many folks just pour their store-bought java in their coffee filter each morning and simmer a pot of wake up juice to acquire their day moving. However, you're different. You've selected to put in your eyes into the area of coffee round you so that you can truly have the craft of growing, preparing and brewing coffee. Great for you. You may experience a degree of pleasure when ingesting coffee that just a select few will ever consume.

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    Following the thread - also would love to know this



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