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    Me and my first coffee roaster, the Gene cafe

    Hello all, so Iíve been chasing great coffee for years. Now that Iím retired I am trying to step up my game, so I am trying my hand at roasting instead of driving 20 miles every week for fresh coffee. Iíve been watching a lot of mill city roaster vids and even tried copying some of their receipes wothout luck, I know itís the difference in roaster capabilities. So? Anyone who has experience with starting out simple and moving up roaster wise could you please relate the differences in temp accuracy between the gene and upper end roasters? When I use the gene at max temp the roasts are greatl but if I attempt stepped temp recipes on say an Ethiopian my final product turned out grassy tasting, and this was following the temps and times ( although the actual roast time was double on my gene ) that I tried to duplicate from a MCR vid, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Never used a Gene so I'm not much help... generally grassy tasting coffees are underroasted. Is it a washed Ethiopian? They tend to need more energy to roast.

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    I have the first generation Kaldi. This thing looks pretty cool for home use.
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    My thoughts have just been confirmed, thanks for your response Musicphan



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