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    What temp should bearing grease be able to take?

    I am curious about lubrication of bearings on a Probat. I have a link to a video showing the one I mean but I can't post links here. If you search "coffee roaster bearing grease" on YouTube it's the one from Wolff College of Coffee.
    My question is: What temperature should a lubricant be able to withstand if it is going to be effective on those bearings and not run out or break down? What do you guys recommend?

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    The particular one he is using can take 240 C all day with short bursts up to 270 C without breaking down. You can find higher temperature ones, such as FG-1200 that has operating temperature up to 800F (450C) and intermittent up to 1000F (540C). Since the bearing is outside the roaster, temperature shouldn't be too high (you can measure it with a infrared thermometer.)

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    lube it up

    I have been using Super Lube 41150 for quite some time now.
    NSF rated H-1, approved for incidental food contact.
    Temperature rated to 450F (232C), which should suffice.
    Available everywhere (including amazon).



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