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    Ikawa Roaster VS Roest Roaster

    Hi guys,

    I am thinking of buying a sample roaster, currently considering Ikawa and Roest. Does anyone has any experience on these two roasters?

    Would appreciate if someone can shed me some light on the pros and cons between the two.

    Thank you very much.

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    I had a deposit on a Roest, but I gave up my place in line and purchased a Cormorant to try and make into a sample roaster. That experiment crashed and burned today and I have my Cormorant up for sale and reconsidering a Roest.

    Roest has a drum to agitate beans, Ikawa uses airflow. Roest can do 100g, Ikawa only 50.

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    I have had this ongoing debate about a sample roaster. Ikawa does roast quickly and easily but how does one convert information from a fluid bed roaster to a drum roaster ?

    As such, I am mulling over the purchase of a Mill City 500 g roaster. It has been upgraded such that it now passes electrical and gas standards in Canada. The bad news is that the price doubled. Still, it can be used as a drum sample roaster that I can convert the information between my roasters



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