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    Well, from what I can tell you roast pretty aggressively/fast. I have a USRC 12K as well - my typical FC hits about 384 and FC ends roughly 400, I hit 2nd crack roughly 432-434. Certainly every machine is diff but that gives you comparison points.

    My typical milestones are 5 minutes dry / 10 minute to FC / 12 min drop for City roast profile (say 402-6 degrees)... that gives me roughly a two minute development time which I use for Single Origins where I want to highlight fruity/sweetness/acidity. The faster I push on those numbers the more acidity and under development, notes get brought out in the coffee. I personally find that roasty notes start to occur about 420 degrees, the only thing I take darker is my "dark roast" which I drop at 430 which causes just a touch of the oils to come out of the beans. My suggestion is to slow down your roast a good solid two minutes... the longer you are in development will smooth out the acidity. At least give a shot and do a comparison cup against your 10:45 roasts.
    Thanks for the input, I will give it a try and let you know how it goes! I appreciate the help.

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    Brazilian cerrado coffee beans taste great when they are darkly roasted but care must be taken that they should not be bitterly roasted. You may have to adjust the roaster for accuracy.
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