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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthSouth View Post
    4. Provided the temp readouts are consistent, even if they are consistently wrong, you can continue to roast.
    Your eyes, ears and nose will tell you when the beans are done.
    You can learn what are "normal" numbers for this roaster.
    Just bear in mind that it would be very misleading to assume these numbers would be of value when another roaster is in use.
    Personally, I would hate to live with such a large discrepancy with reality.
    While every roaster has slightly different temperature readings, they are normally within a reasonable margin of error.
    One note regarding this.. if you are using software such as Artisian to monitor your roasts - you can use an offset to 'correct' the temp reading. For example, my thermocouple location in my sample roaster is in a poor position resulting in an 'off' temperature. I adjusted the settings to bump up the temp in Artisian so at least between my to roasters I have somewhat relative milestones. It obviously doesn't fix the problem but can help.


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