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    ISO Director of coffee

    So I was catching up with an old friend the other day...He mentioned that he is in need of a Director of coffee. If anyone knows of a roaster looking to move up in the coffee industry this is a great opportunity!! If I didn't have my dream job and wasn't living in paradise I would throw my hat in.

    Director of Coffee

    Fratello Coffee Roasters

    Calgary, AB

    The Director of Coffee, also a Coffee Roaster, is responsible for ensuring the coffee produced by Fratello Coffee Roasters meets our quality standards. By selecting, importing, managing green inventory and developing coffee recipes and roasting profiles, the Director of Coffee highlights the best and intended flavour of the coffee bean. The Director of Coffee builds and maintains relationships with top coffee producers in order to secure some of the world’s best coffee. Our Director of Coffee’s highly-developed coffee palate is key to delivering exceptional coffee to our Analog Café and wholesale customers every day. Our Director of Coffee is a leader and is constantly developing the skills and palate of the roasting and QA teams.[/COLOR]

    • Create the weekly and daily roasting schedule. Lead the roasting team to complete the production schedule to expected recipe and profile.
    • Monitor, analyze and report key performance indicators to leadership as required. Strive for operational excellence.
    • Analyze green bean coffee for defects and moisture content.Determine how to document/use these findings to prolong the life of our green coffee and aid in determining roast profiles.
    • Give regular feedback to producers and exporters on the quality and consistency of our coffee.
    • Maintain coffee inventory, ensuring it meets the sales and distribution needs of Fratello Coffee Roasters.
    • Manage the micro-lots and rotate fresh selections throughout the year and not to introduce them all at once. This involves sourcing coffee from different regions with different crop cycles to ensure the micro-lots are always fresh.
    • Create a plan on how to source unique micro-lots for Fratello Coffee Roasters and Analog Café’s to ensure diversity.
    • Oversee green coffee inventory control procedures and ensure accuracy goals are achieved, with operating policy and procedural documentation maintained and up to date.
    • Conduct regular quality checks throughout the day to ensure green bean and final roasting weights are being recorded accurately.
    • Aid the coffee roasters with coffee roasting, cleaning and maintenance when required
    • Maintain the morale of the roasting department
    • Develop advanced coffee skills (cupping, profiling) of the roasting department

    Green Coffee Sourcing and Buying

    • Key resource responsible to source, buy and receive green coffee at Fratello Coffee Roasters.
    • Decide what coffee to purchase, when and how much to meet the needs of Fratello Coffee Roasters. Discuss coffee purchases and plans with the Fratello Group owners.
    • Travel to origin to meet with exporters and the coffee producers we work with. Create and manage an annual travel plan and budget to be approved by ownership.
    • Build and maintain professional relationships with producers, importers and exporters.
    • Network and identify producers and coffee varieties in new regions to further expand the diversity of coffee offered by Fratello Coffee Roasters.
    • Develop plans to expand and enhance our direct trade relationships.
    • Develop, negotiate and maintain contract terms with producers and importers.
    • Ensure green coffee purchases fit within Fratello Coffee Roasters price points to maintain expected margins.
    • Receive green coffee orders and ensure they are accurate, inventoried and stored appropriately.
    • Forecast futures and plan coffee bean purchases based on trading on the New York Stock Exchange and current differential markets in conjunction with the ownership group.
    • Forecast future inventory needs based on sale orders, new customers and delivery schedules.
    • Report regulatory compliance i.e. fair trade reporting.Create and maintain our digital library of coffee data.

    Learning and Development

    • Train and coach team members on new and revised roasting recipes, profiles, standards and procedures.
    • Ongoing learning and development to achieve a deeper understanding of the coffee production process and the impact each decision makes on the product, i.e. fertilizers, fermenting, drying times.
    • Attend and network with other coffee buyers at the annual Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) expo and other events as required.
    • Stay abreast of coffee production, sourcing and buying changes and industry leaders. Report findings and make recommendations to the Fratello Group owners.
    • Monitor commodity market status, regularly report status, analysis and explanation of fluctuations.

    Quality Assurance

    • Develop, test and manage coffee roast recipes and profiles using Cropster.
    • Checks roast profiles at the end of each day to ensure the roast meets the expected standards.
    • Regularly assess the recipe and profile information recorded by the Coffee Roasters in Cropster for accuracy and consistency. Ensure the roast values are within an acceptable range of reference.
    • Ensure that roast failures are recorded and lessons learned are referenced in future recipes.Communicate what was learned and how to avoid the error in the future to the Coffee Roasters.
    • Check that roasts follow the desired profiles/curves of reference in Cropster. Investigate why roasts do not follow the reference curves and troubleshoot whether it’s due to a lack of compliance or the need for a recipe change.
    • Ensure all roast profiles are updated on all machines. Updated profiles must be marked in the comments on Cropster.
    • Regularly cup, test and taste roasted coffee to ensure their flavours are meeting the expected quality and calibration standards.

    Continuous Improvement

    • Continually look at ways to improve the tastes of all coffees, while maintaining margin goals.
    • Maintain a monthly schedule for testing each coffee. Document and communicate changes.
    • Ensure coffee blends are meeting margin goals.
    • Continually learn and teach new approaches and techniques in roasting practices to achieve consistency in different roasters and batch sizes.
    • Create a systemized approach to profiling our coffees. Analyze every shipment of green coffee received and ensure it meets our standards.
    • Create and maintain roasting standards and procedures.
    • Coordinate with the Quality Assurance Manager to assist with coffee education of the Analog team, when required.

    Organization and Cleanliness

    • Follow inventory management procedures, ensuring orders are received and stored accurately.
    • Monitor roasting process to identify any maintenance issues such as warped drums, burner inconsistencies or electrical issues and report them to the production manager.
    • Follow safety procedures and report hazards and incidents to leadership.
    • Perform preventative maintenance daily, weekly and monthly, and as specified by the operations standards.
    • Follow warehouse organization and food handling standards to maintain a safe, clean and organized work environment.
    • Assist Packaging Team Members with tasks as required.
    • Maintain a safe, clean and organized work environment, follow the sanitation standards and schedule.

    Coffee Roasting

    • Required to perform the role of coffee roaster as required

    • Leading teams: 3 years (Preferred)
    • Cupping: 5 years (Required)
    • Coffee Roasting: 5 years (Required)
    • Food Safety Programs: 3 years (Preferred)


    • Calgary, AB (Preferred)


    • Spanish (Preferred)
    • Fluent English (Required)

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    That sounds like way too much work to do it for someone else's business! Is that a 250K/yr job? If not, and you can do all that...just start your own...

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    Christ I do all that stuff within the first hour of waking up.
    "I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee." ~Flash Rosenberg

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeeroastersclub View Post
    Christ I do all that stuff within the first hour of waking up.
    for your own business or someone else’s?

    I do all that stuff too, but if I was doing it for someone else I would have to be well compensated.

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    for your own business or someone else’s?

    I do all that stuff too, but if I was doing it for someone else I would have to be well compensated.
    Humor and sarcasm does not come through well on boards ... oh well.
    "I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee." ~Flash Rosenberg



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