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    Gauge for natural gas

    Hi all,
    New to these forums and this is my first post. I did a search but dont seem to be finding an answer for my question.

    I am helping some friends with their probat P12. It has a 0-10" H2o Gauge, it runs natural gas. my question :

    1- It seems to have a ball valve for the gas adjustment, and the knob for that control has too much "wiggle" in it, What causes that, i removed the actual plastic knob and the problem is still evident if i use a clamp wrench to turn it. ( so i can turn it for a good amount with no adjustment at all on the gas)

    2- I was wondering if there is any way to get a better gas gauge,. this one reads from 0-10, and their adjustments are mostly between 0-1.5 ... are there any gauges that would a smaller span like 0-2 H2O?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Ifixjura would the series 2-5000 minihwlic II differential pressure gage by Dwyer work as well? Sorry cant post links since I am still new



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