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    Roaster Fire - in Denver, Colorado

    This is so sad. Three brands went up in smoke the other day. Luckily no one was injured. I haven't seen a cause but would assume that since it was in the middle of the night and no one was there that this was probably a chaff fire that got out of control. One little ember can go undetected and the point it ignites the creosote. Then it gets crazy. Keep your roasters clean.
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    When I saw your post, my heart started racing, because at first I thought the fire happened to you.

    I changed the tile of the post to let people know where the roaster fire happened.

    It is very sad to read about things like this. It's a reminder to everyone about how important it is to be careful and to keep their roasters clean.

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    Yes, sad news. Pretty big brands as well.

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    That is surely devastating, but I'm one to always find the silver lining in every cloud. At least any coffee that was scorched could be sold to be on par with what Charbux pushes as 'espresso roast'...
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