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    Book Reviews Welcomed: Rob Hoos, Modulating the Flavour Profile of Coffee

    Getting the book was a royal pain. Paid Canadian$70 and finally got it from Amazon. Saw after I could have purchased it for $18 pounds from England.
    it was a pretty quick read. For $70 it was basically an expanded version of Chris Schooley's free article, "Stretching Out the Roast".
    (Chris Schooley used to work for Sweet Maria's)

    Anyone else care to comment ?

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    Yes - It was a quick read but I tend to use that theory more than some of Rao's early work. I actually purchased it when it first came out several years, there is also a good youtube video of him speaking about the book. I think it was part of the Nordic competition or something (memory is fading... LOL). I'll have to look at Schooley's article... too bad we lost him to the brewery world.



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