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    What should I charge to roast beans for someone who supplies their own beans ???

    I have been approached by another party to do Coffee Roasting for them and they will provide the beans. I have no idea what I should be charging them. Im giving 2 prices one price is if I bag the coffee in one 1 lb bags and the other price would be if I just roast and then I give them a tub full of beans and they bag. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should charge?
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    You need to properly understand what it costs you to perform a single roast.
    It's easy to overlook certain items and undervalue how much it all costs you.
    I've probably forgotten some items.
    Here's my list:

    1. Decide on the value of your time per hour.
    Decide on how much time you will spend per roast.
    Include once per day warm up and cool down time.
    Include a suitable value for daily/weekly/monthly maintenance.
    I allow for 30min per roast including all of the above as a rough guideline.

    2. Calculate the cost of energy needed per roast.
    This should include electricity and gas costs, plus a share in the warm up/cool down costs.

    3. Share of building costs used to house your roasting operation.
    Divide this by the number of roasts for this cost period to get the per roast building cost.

    4. Decide how many roasts you want to amortize your roaster over.
    Then divide the cost of the roaster by the number of roasts and you have the per roast depreciation cost.

    5. Bagging is another cost.
    You must know the price you paid per bag, how many bags per roast.
    Don't forget the cost of labels.
    You need to know how much time you spend bagging per roast.
    Also you need to depreciate any bagging equipment costs.

    Cost per roast is the sum of all the above numbers.

    That's what it really costs you.
    Then the concept of making a profit comes into it (hopefully).

    My recommendation: DON'T UNDERCHARGE.

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    THANK YOU!!! this is a huge help!

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    What size roaster do you have? I have a 60 and only do toll roasting for a select few. I prefer wholesale. I have a 60 kilo and can make about $240 an hour toll roasting(not bagging) I only toll roast for a select few since the money isn't worth it. If you have a 5 kilo just forget about it because then its under $25 bux an hour. Sure you could charge more but they usually say its too expensive.
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    My experience, to quote my Italian friend with the pointy shoes and bulge in his coat pocket, 'Fuggedaboudit'. Especially if they are your friends. Probably whatever you're going to charge they'll, as Topher says, think its too much.
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