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    Didnít Hear First Crack?

    I attempted my first roast on my Kaldi home roaster. I did not hear audible cracking until the 425F (13 mins) mark and my coffee was darker than anticipated after dropping a minute after what I thought was first crack. Being that the temp was so high when I hit audible cracking and the beans were roasted much darker, I assume I blew by first crack without hearing any audible cracking. Does anyone have any ideas what may cause this to happen?!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Its all experience ... some beans will be very loud/ some quite. The density of the bean seems to have a big impact on this. Higher elevation grown coffees tend to be more dense. I do find 1st crack to be more of a pop sound and 2nd crack to be more of a crack sound (like snapping fingers). On my roaster I hit 1st crack around 385 / 2nd crack around 430. Your temp readings are a bit different than my roaster, I would start listening for 1st crack around 380 on your roaster. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the information!



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