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    Advice Please: Turkish company - Golden Coffee Roaster

    Is anyone familiar with the Turkish company Golden Coffee Roaster? I am considering purchasing a single wall 5kg roaster, but cannot find very much information on them online. Does anyone have experience/knowledge of this company or roaster? Thank you in advance!!
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    I just did a quick google search. Seems they have been around since 2010. Other than that...not much. I would probably keep looking at other brands unless you can actually see one in person. If you are looking for an affordable roaster check out . Tell Amir Christopher sent you. Ive been roasting for about 27 years and I have used so many different brands. In the past if I started from scratch I always went with Ambex.
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    I actually went and saw one last week. I am not entirely sure what I should be looking for when inspecting it, though. Seems to be be built well, but that is just the fetal fab and my exposure to commercial roasters is nill. Any suggestions on what to look for? It is a brand new roaster.

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    What type of support do you have from the manf? I personally have never heard of them which would be a bit of concern to me. Not that they are bad - just means not a lot of US exposure (assuming you are in the US)

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    Hi, I`ve never heard about it too, and I can`t understand, where did you find it?



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