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    Light Roasts are Making me Sick!!!

    Hello All!

    I am new to roasting and just started with a stovetop popcorn popper. The first batch I did was charcoal. The second batch was a very dark french roast, drinkable, but a little thin and a little too charred for my taste. I went lighter on my third and fourth batches, maybe city+ on the third and city on the fourth. I say that based on the appearance of the roasted beans.

    Anyway, I find the lighter roasts simply nauseating. I used an Indonesian Flores for one and a Columbian for another and both simply turn my stomach. They have a dominating sour-sweet sickly smell and taste. My underlying question is, do you guys think that the roasts are not as dark as they appear due to my method? I never did reach the second crack with either of the lighter batches, but I was well into the first, and I pulled based on color. Or maybe lighter roasts are just not my personal prefrence.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Could well be that you are roasting too quickly and it's still a bit "green" inside. sort of like trying to cook a burger at very high inside, burnt outside.

    A lot of popcorn poppers are modded to roast slower, if you have not already done this, that might be worth a try. The link below will give you the necessary information to build such a controller to slow the roasts down. ... corn-maker



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