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Thread: Home Roasting

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    Home Roasting

    What is a good home roasting machine to start with?

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    There are a few home roaster forums you can join and web sites you can browse for green, roasters and supplies. I don't want to get on the wrong side of the law and post the links. Just do a google search. You might have some fun there and meet some people just like you! You probably have gotten some pm's from this and a lot of people are going to have different opinions on which one is the best. I've tried a couple, and my friends have too. The iRoast2 is great and it's priced reasonably.

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    I use a Fresh Roast plus 8 that I started with, I love it. I also now have a 1lb drum roaster for by BBQ that I am still getting used to. You can see a lot of different roaster on my website.
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    vintage West Bend popcorn popper or West Bend II - just fill the butter dish turn it on and drop them in - listen for 1st pop at about 3-4min. Then dump whenever you like the smell. Enjoy the ride - I'm still moving up...!



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