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    Light Roasting for Drip/Filter

    I'm sure there has to already be a post somewhere about roasting for drip/filter coffee but I cannot track it down.

    I have only ever roasted for espresso. I'm about to try to roast some Kenya AA Auction Lot #526-Tegu ( and
    I read somewhere that this is good for a drip/filter coffee and I want to roast some of this for my friends.
    I'm roasting on a hottop B and would love a reference to a thread re:roasting for drip and/or any advice that can be given about how to go about light roasting, or if I can roast FC, FC+ and get reasonable results.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Light Roasting for Drip/Filter

    Here is an article about light roasting. The 13 minutes roasting profile is probably hard for Hottop to achieve, but the ideal is the same.
    You want cream and sugar?



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