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    I need some resources for how and when to clean the entire roasting system.


    Special thanks to muzoon, you helped me more than you could know

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    Re: Cleaning

    Thats a bit vague...what kind of roaster and what do you mean clean? If you are referring to the ducting, fans and whatnot...good ole elbow grease
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    Re: Cleaning

    Before you have a fire! I hope you don't ever have a fire but I believe it's a when and not if, unless your clean, clean,clean.

    Clean the roaster itself and chaf out daily. I give the ducts and chaf cyclone a monthly cleaning. Every other month I do the vertical exterior chimney too. I made a flexible brush extension to do it from the ground now.
    Every 6 months or so I get out the chisels and scrapers to REALLY clean the fan and pipe between my roaster and cyclone.

    If I notice I am adjusting my roasting profiles fan speed too much it's time to clean.

    A 13 year old with small hands helps get into the tight spots too!
    Enjoy Your Coffee!



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