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Thread: coming down??

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    coming down??

    Market is at $2.49...a whopping $1.09 more than I was locked in for my Brazil last year... but much better than the + $3!!! Is it dropping for good?? I sure hope so.
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    Itís hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think youíve nailed it!
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    When I look at green bean prices, I look at several factors including Crude oil prices. Predictions at the beginning of the month were high and looked to be growing. Now, several countries are looking to release reserves to lower prices and ease the market. Coffee has been following crude for the last few months and I dont' see why that would change. For everyone's sake (in the coffee industry) I hope the prices continue to stabilize. Good luck to you all!

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    Prices will continue to rise until the world sucks it up and stops the social welfare crap that has put it into the toilet. Releasing oil reserves is just prolonging the inevitable bankruptcy of the world economy. Too many inefficiencies caused by people living on the dole. The U.S. must lead by example and stop the debt spending and balance the budget with massive cuts. Oh yeah, like that will ever happen with all the dolts in office now.

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