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    Beginner roaster looking for guidance

    Due to the lack in availability of good coffee in the nearby area, I am eager to start making great coffee for myself and then for others in the area.

    My first goal is to learn how to properly roast for my own consumption with hopes of selling it at local farmer's markets by next Spring. I attempted to roast my first coffee on an old roaster my parents had in the basement, however it seemed to be shorting out and the airflow wasn't functioning properly and only half of the beans were getting roasted.

    I would love some advice from other's who were once in my place.

    What is a good small scale roaster that would cost me under $1K?
    Any recommended readings, websites, classes, videos, mentors (haha), etc... would be greatly appreciated.
    I want to learn everything there ever is to learn about coffee!

    I am located in New Jersey on an old farm about 45 minutes from Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from NYC.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Sarah,
    If you can, track down a small commercial roaster in your area (there are lots in PA and NJ) and convince him/her with a combination of cash and charm to let you roast on their commercial machine every week or so. You might be surprised how willing these guys are to help as long as you aren't going to be in direct competition with them!


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    What about fixing the old roaster? What kind of roaster is it and do you have a picture?
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    +1 Topher,

    fix it first.



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