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    Flavored coffee options, questions...

    We own a small coffee roaster and are in the process of building up some wholesale clientele. Right now we do not do any flavored coffee and we really don't have any plans to start. By using flavors it changes our food servicing license and we just don't want to kill good beans with a bunch of chemicals. That being said, if the customer wants a flavored product, I want to help them get it.

    Does anyone know of a product you can add to a pot of coffee to flavor it? Obviously Toroni and Monin make products that do one cup at a time but we have some wholesale customers that don't want to do it that way, they would like to add it to a whole pot. Any ideas?

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    Have you tried Powderbean? It's natural flavoring powder. Blend it into your coffee grounds. Brew it. Voila...a pot of flavored coffee, one pot at a time.

    It adds about 90 cents of cost per pound, but you can use it with cheaper, boring beans, so it all averages out (ie, peru works really well) I HATE flavored coffee, but I really like this stuff. None of the coating on your tongue, chemical aftertaste, astringency, or bitterness that the oils have. Also, none of the mess. The product is only about 5 years old. They have come out with about 2 new flavors a year. The latest flavor was graham cracker.
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    I've heard of inbru coffee flavors, but I've personally never tried them. Here's the website: Gourmet Flavored Coffee | Coffee Flavors
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    We've been using Weldon Flavorings, The problem with Monin and Torani is that they are sweetened, the Weldons contain no sweetener, so its just a flavoring, the customer can then add their own sweetener if they so choose. weldonflavorings dot com

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    Anyone still remember flavored Coke?..... Mango, Cherry, etc....



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