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    Ambex Ym-15: Deep Maintenance

    Just picked up an Ambex YM-15 from 2003 and as an upgrade from my smaller (but beloved) Primo TT-EC. Let's say the Ambex is in OK condition but well seasoned. I have a few maintenance questions as I am stripping the roaster down. (Sorry for the bad pictures so far. I only had my phone with me.)

    This is the bad boy:

    Like I said it may need a bit of cleaning. Here are some details:

    The previous owner did a paint job because the paint started peeling after several fires in the roaster. I want to address that too. Not sure yet where to get an exact match for the paint though. Any thoughts?

    I started scraping under the cooling tray. There is about 1/2 inch of solid gunk all around. I thought I would be just as easy to take the cooling tray apart. I ran out of time after I removed the stainless steel belt which should have not have been my first priority but I had someone helping with the stainless steel cleaning...

    I also noticed a bump under the edge of the stainless steel mantle. I suspected rust so I removed the mantle:

    Looking at the drum, one can see distinct black marks. My theory is that it corresponds to clogged jets. I am correct? Should I just review all the jets? (sorry for the bad pictures).

    The V-Belts definitely need changing and I am thinking of going for "Power Twist". I read Lumberjack recommending it... Any thoughts?

    Anyway, this is just the beginning. I will post some more as I carry on in a few days.

    Thanks for reading!



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