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    coffee roaster for sale (UK)

    hi! i'm just new at roasting and i was wondering if any member in the UK is selling a small roaster for less than a kilo of coffee? also, which brand do you think is the one to go for? thanks in advance for your help

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    Hi Liezel,

    I'm in Ireland. I researched a lot of roasters. On a price scale the European made roasters are most expensive but you may have less VAT and import duty to pay, and less shipping, than buying in the U.S. Do your research as this can add up to 1/4 or more of the price of the machine.

    Below them in price (generally) comes the U.S. made machines. Then there are the Turkish manufacturers. They offer very good value for money and they like getting paid in foreign currency so your Stirling should go further there than in other European countries.

    I ended up purchasing an Ozturk roaster and it has served me well. You should be able to find them on the web by googling their name and 'coffee roaster'. Toper is another brand but more expensive. Has Garanti is another but I could never get them to answer the phone so if you need service from them who knows . . .

    Ozturk has a 2kg roaster that I know of, maybe they have one smaller?

    Anyway, do your research. Talk to Yavuz at Ozturk. I've forgotten the gentleman's name at Toper and like Ozturk they answer their phone too.

    One last thing. Find out if you are going to run into any laws about emissions when you install your roaster. If you're in a city there could be some tough regulations on cleaning up the roaster exhaust before venting it into the atmosphere. If you're far out in the country probably you're fine, especially with such a small roaster but check anyway as it may guide you somewhat on the roaster you purchase.
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    Hi there,

    You may contact with Toper either by phone or by email or from the contact form of the website:

    Toper - Master of Coffee Grinding and Roasting or Cafemino - The Mini Roaster by Toper

    Just quote the promotional code "OSMN2012F" then you would get 10% discount as well

    Toper Roasting Machinery Co.

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    plz tell each & every detail about coffee roaster..,,,,
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