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    Newbie to Roasting

    I've just started roasting at home. It is freakin' awesome. Bought a Fresh Roast 8. It's easy to use. I've only lurked for a day or two, so much to learn about roasting. My aunt gets me beans (works for a major roaster) which are given to her as samples. I reap the rewards of fresh brewed coffee. It's way better than the coffee I was drinking. Looking forward to reading and learning.

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    What company does your aunt work for...aslo what have you roasted so far...have you played with differnt roast profiles? Have fun with it!
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
    Ken Hutchinson, Starsky and Hutch

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    Here's what i've roasted so far:

    Rawanda Masaka
    Indian Mysore
    UGQ Columbian (Raphael Espinosa)
    Mexican Chiapas

    Prefer not to say who she works for.

    I have played with roasting profiles from cinnamon to full city.

    Then blending the same beans with different roasts yields another result.
    Or mixing beans and grinding two different beans together cuz I don't have enough of one bean.

    I'm having a blast.

    I find roasting to be an enjoyable hobby. The coffee flavor is superior.
    I am still learning and developing my palette.

    I welcome rec's on different green beans to roast.

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    If you can request beans from your aunt, how about trying:

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


    I recently played with an aged Celebes which was pretty interesting taste wise.

    Heck - have fun, you have a sweet opportunity to try a bunch of different coffees!
    ~ Lori

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    Thanks for the advice. I have tried the Yirgacheffe. It is delish. Today I roasted:

    Brazilian Yellow Bourbon
    Nicaraguan Coffee from Angelina Estates (Jinotega)

    Learned that the Columbian Coffee is a very forgiving roast. Yesterday, I was yapping on my cell, multi tasking and then the smoke detector went off. Doh!! The Columbian Coffee still came out great. Idiot proof. I love it!!

    I will be getting Jamaican Blue Mountain and some Hawaiian Peaberry something or other next. Shortly I'll be up to my eyeballs in beans.

    Huehuetenago...I'll request it if I can say it.




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