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Thread: Roasting Blends

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    Roasting Blends

    I recently was given a lb of roasted coffee (unusual considering all my friends know I roast my own!) from Ashlawn Farm Coffee. What an amazing blend! Such dark choc and blueberry notes.

    I have never considered blending before because I much prefer the unique SO characteristics but after tasting the complexity of this blend I think I want to try my hand at it.

    Any suggestions on where I can learn more about blending techniques, ratios, etc.?


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    "Home Coffee Roasting," by Kenneth Davids has a good section on blending components and the roll of various single origin beans in a blend.

    I prefer to blend after roasting. Its then possible to experiment with various ratios of components in the cup to get the final result you are seeking. I also think complexity can be given to a blend by using beans at various roast levels, as many offerings show better at different stages of roasting.

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    It's probably got a base of Brazil or/and sumatra with ethiopian natural for the blueberry could have some guat added too. Post roast blend, weigh/measure a little at a time while you make adjustments by taste.

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    We love the ethiopian naturals. There is an essence of blueberry if roasted correctly. More than one person has thought that I've added blueberry flavoring to our Sidamo.

    The Honduran Marcala (decaf) we are currently roasting has the most chocolate character of our offerings.

    Our guat is more nutty and our sumatra is too earthy to be called chocolate-like.

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    I think you have to think through what your trying to accomplish. Are you trying to create a specific flavor profile? Will this blend be for pulling shots? Chemex/pour overs? French Press? Although not necessary, having a goal in mind as far as what you want to achieve with a blend helps. Knowing your coffee (single origin) is a definite bonus in helping create blends. What do your South or central Americans taste like at various roast levels? Africans and Indo's?
    Also Melange blends are pretty popular when starting out.
    Good luck!

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    Hello Community,

    Home coffee roasters have different challenges from commercial coffee roasters. Home coffee roasters roast less coffee, roast less frequently, and with rare exceptions offer far less control over the temperature profile throughout the roast, especially when roasting outdoors. I have found that coffee blending can mask and overcome some of the problems on home roasters experience. Coffee blending is like art class in school - you see what materials are available in the supply closet and then do your best with what you have. The blending needs of the home coffee roaster are less about designing perfect recipes than establishing patterns for working with limited supplies. I hope my fellow home roasters learned a trick or two that they can incorporate into their own blends.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Per



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