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Thread: New coffee shop

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    1. Know many people in town and let them know about your new coffee house with great concept.
    2. See if you can find the restaurant to carry your coffee.
    3. Try to supply some office coffee.
    4. DO tons of coupons like buy one get second one free to all the restaurants, library, and book stores....Coupons for the espresso base drinks and high priced drinks.
    These are the few things that would help you to increase the traffic to your coffee shop...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveO View Post
    Really appreciate the discussion. I think the location passes muster, but I'll look it over again to be sure. So great location + great coffee + great service = 50% chance of success? How do I improve those odds?
    The old fashion way of "Prayer" if you believe in God of course. I know that's a touchy area for many

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    Quote Originally Posted by topher View Post
    ] We did over 800 covers today on a Friday. Not to shabby for a bad location
    Is covers same as transactions? Or is that a bagel thing?

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    Transactions. This season has been insane! The bagel shop has had a line out the door for 3 weeks straight! Every year it gets busier...can't wait to see how insane it will be next season!
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