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    Barista made my drink wrong and refused to remake it or add more milk to it

    I am so upset, I had a drink made at Starbucks and when they made it they showed it to me and from what I could see it looked good but I waited a bit and when the whip melted the drink was like an inch down from the rim! So they had filled it up with an inch of just whip cream and when I showed them this and explained it and asked for more milk they refused to do it and refused to remake it saying well I showed it to you before and its just fine, well I couldn't tell before that they used so much whip cream. And they refused to remake it and told me to stop talking.

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    A gripe for your first post is not a good start.

    Although not a fan of Starbucks, using an online forum to bitch without contributing anything of value is lame.

    John Piquet
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    This Coffee Forum isn't the best place to post a complaint about Starbucks.

    Did you ask to speak with the manager while you were there?

    Try doing a Google search and see if there is a Starbucks forum where you could express your dissatisfaction. Or maybe you can you contact Starbucks customer service and tell them what happened.


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    Sounds like you've had enough caffeine for the day.

    But seriously, maybe it's time to look for another coffee shop. Try something local next time. Maybe some place that roasts their own beans on premise.



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