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    The Alternative Coffee Shop

    Hello my fellow coffee enthusiasts, i am a new coffee shop owner (well currently seeking finances to open one) i believe i have a sound concept ahead of me, you see i am extremly passionate about coffee, and coffee products, and i know thousands if not millions if not billions of people world wide share the same, so i want to provide a cup or 2 of that joy to the people in my community, a community that already has billions of cups of coffee a day to choose from, my coffee shop will have a focus on customer satisfaction, and atmosphere, providing an inviting and caring environment for my patrons.

    So what can i do, or what can you suggest that i do, that will make me stand out from the Tim Hortons, Second Cups, Coffee Cultures, Williams Fresh Cafe and Starbucks, plus numerus mom and pop stores????

    If anyone could be of any assistance and possible mentorship??? That would be extremly awesome.

    IF i aquire 50k from the bank will that be enough to start small??? Is it smart to start small, or should i ask for more? Please reply thank you.

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    number one you have to offer the best quality coffee. All the stores you mentioned are garbage coffee

    What area or region are you in?
    Great coffee does not just happen!
    South Florida Artisan Coffee Roaster



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