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    Sweaty Drippy Cup - Gross!!!

    Thereís this amazing local coffee place right by my house, and I love going there for my favorite iced coffee drinks. But what I HATE is when they give you that cup that gets all sweaty and drips everywhere.
    I know I canít be the only one that finds that to be completely gross. My local shop thinks Iím crazy, and I want to prove them wrong. I would absolutely pay a few cents more for a cup that doesnít collect condensation and drip all over me Ė would you? How much would you all pay?

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    I don't mind a sweaty cup at all, and I have never even considered it to be a potential problem! As a future coffee shop owner, I appreciate your perspective.

    I have seen people put a cardboard sleeve (typically used for hot cups) around a cold cup. Also, you could double cup, which would probably solve your problem.

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    The people at your local coffee shop think you're crazy? I sounds like they don't bother to pay attention to their customers, because I bet lots of them grab a pile of napkins to mop up the consensation before it drips on their clothes.

    The condensation is only water, which makes it hard to describe it as completely gross. But, it's an inconvenience that can be avoided. If a customer doesn't want to deal with the condensation, the barista should double cup the drink or offer to put a cardboard drink sleeve on it (if it will fit the cup).

    Believe me. You are not the only one who is bothered by that condensation!



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