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    Your Opinions on Newco

    Feedback! I need your opinion on Newco the equipment brand. I am VERY familiar with coffee equipment brands, but I recently got attracted to a coffee brewer! I REALLY wanted to stray away from fetco and bunn because I feel like they are too commonly purchased, stray away from the cliche. Let me know your opinions!!!


    P.S. I am currently drinking pure and fine grained El Salvador Light Roast

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    The Newco is okay. Nothing really innovative about them. I honestly feel they came about to help seed the lower end of the spectrum with cheaper brewers. The reason Fetco and Bunn are purchased way more is because they have been building products that work and work well. I the past few years I've been leaning a lot more towards Bunn. There are a few Bunn products out there I really enjoy working on because they were well thought out and they tend to work really well for the customer and it helps keep your costs down. Don't try to break away from something that is working just because everyone else uses them too!
    Have you ever walked through the aisle of your local grocer and smelled the death of a dying bean?



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