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    Coffee Shop Idea: What do you think?

    Hi there,

    I have an idea for a coffee shop and I wanted some feedback from all the other coffee lovers out there.
    This is my idea:

    A coffee shop that roasts it's own beans in the store and where you get to be your own Barista.
    Basically the point is to get people into coffee, so you get to experience the transformation of the beans.
    Later there would be an easy to use espresso machine (super automatic), that provides barista quality coffee, which would let people make their own quick personalized brew.

    It would really help me out if you let me know your thoughts or if you have any feedback that could help.

    Thanks a lot!


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    You had me at roasting in house. The next part through would be a nightmare. Can you imagine a guest getting nervous and pulling the frothing pitcher out while steam was still running? The mess is one thing but the burn would be horrible. This is just one of many things that could go wrong...I personally would not want anyone pushing buttons on a machine that cost me $20k. Maybe its just because I live in the sue me state that I get ticks thinking about this concept. I hope this doesn't deter you from the hard but rewarding life of coffee.
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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    Instead of a do it yourself shop how about a shop designed around teaching people how to make great coffee at home with the beans roasted in house. Do weekly classes and cuppings for the newbie as well as the experienced folks. Become the place in town that knows coffee and is willing to teach others about it.

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    I am not suggest let the customers make the coffee by themselves, their new guy about this, maybe just curious about it, if some injury happened, it will bring bad impression to your shop. but your idea is good.

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    I can understand and relate with the concept behind letting people be their own "barista". One issue I see is if you add an automatic espresso machine, what differentiates you from any self serve coffee location? Personally, I believe eliminating the barista and adding an automatic espresso machine takes away from the specialty coffee experience. I agree with sidg, become the educational coffee shop in your area.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!



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