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    Massachusetts requirements for installing a roaster

    this is the form that is required to start the process of installing an unlisted roaster in this state. If your roaster is not on the MA Gas Appliance approved list then start here. It is basically a simple process if your plumbing inspector is not godly. The frustrating part is you will need to hire an engineer to complete the variance. Make sure all the info is filled in when you send it in and don't forget the check. Even though it says pending on plumber and engineer it is best to already have one lined up as the process will go quicker. Once the board approves the application they will email you a letter to let you start the plumbing and roaster installation. This is only for natural and propane gas. If you have a friend who is an engineer, does not matter what type, then it will be cheaper. Having talked to some they start at 1500.00 and up. You have to prove to him that you understand the concept of the roaster and all safety concerns. Once everything is complete you send that in and within a short period of time they will send you a letter of acceptance or denial. You have to take pictures of the exhaust and the machine outside and inside, especially the gas train. There is a checklist that needs to be satisfied by the engineer and not everything on the list is required. The part I have argued about is the variance is only approved for that location. If you move the roaster across the street you need to start the process over again. Roasters sucks San Franciscan, Probat, Deidrich and Loring are listed so no variance is needed. You can check online or ask the manufacturer if they are listed in the state of MA. I own A couple of US Roaster Corp machines and they are not listed. If yours is lucky enough to be listed you will only have to deal with the Godly inspectors of your town. When you receive the acceptance to install you can start roasting. You are suppose to roast in front of the engineer to prove you know the machine. He only needs to be there for one day so if they tell you more time is required hire someone else. You have roughly 2 months of lead time before they start asking for the final paper work so take of advantage of it.
    Hope this helps
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