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    Seeking info on starting shop - favorite resources?


    I am a long-term consumer and considering opening a shop. I am the biz guy and the $. I will hire a talented barista to manage the place. I am familiar with business plans and operations.

    I am looking though to get up the experience curve. I am interested in knowing what your favorite resources are to learn about the business. Got any to share?

    For example, favorite books? I have nothing particularly good from Amazon.

    Professional societies that have great training and support for business owners? I am looking at SCA.

    Places to go to get a better sense of how to do store layout or other operational tips? My barista will be familiar and lead this but I want to improve my knowledge.

    Favorite websites, magazines, or other resources?

    Is there a recommended forum for business owners to chat and share info? Whether it is web based, slack, or something else - all good.

    Basically, anything you can recommend to someone considering ownership to get me up the learning curve would be most appreciated!


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    Happy & nice employees to other co-workers and specially to customers
    Clean cafe
    CONSISTENTLY GOOD drinks (to me, top priority) that make customers to come back again and again
    Get good coffee beans.
    Unique marketing that separates you from others.

    Good luck to you and I am sure that other members will also post some good advises.

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    Hi Eric22, I just joined the SCAA a couple of days ago and they have a “school” for coffee that allows you to specialize in a subject, like berista, coffee buying, and tasting.



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