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    Help Please: Need to estimate operating costs/energy for my coffee shop plan.

    I am in the process of estimating my operating costs for a coffee shop plan. I am located in an area where energy costs are considerably higher than average. For this reason, I would like to get a good grasp of what my energy costs will be. Can anyone share their average monthly kilowatt hour usage for small-medium sized cafe? A general idea of equipment used would also be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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    Hi there, it seems to me that you are supposed to have already found the solution. Can you please share it? I've noticed that my coffee machine is consuming too much energy. You know sometimes I'm even afraid of burning it or something like that. I have a friend who is working here It is a company which provides the connection to energy. Even though they are a young company, they are present on the market and deal directly with a lot of customers. So his answer to my problem was that it happened because of the old energy projects. What answer have you found?
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