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    How did they do that?

    I was vacationing in Caracas a long time ago. My brother and I, both single and in business together, decided to take our folks on a vacation to Venezuela. This was approximately '96 and my parents had not done much travelling. We had a lot of fun. One of my clearest memories is having breakfast early with my father while the other two slept in. We both commented on the coffee. This was in the hotel and I really don't know what that was any more. What I do remember was the both of us saying, "wow that's really good". It was different in that it was, or at least felt, thicker. It came black, nothing mixed in. I added cream, sugar, but it felt smooth and literally thicker then usual coffee. Best coffee I've ever had.

    Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about in regard to consistency? I'd love to recreate that.

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    maybe super fresh coffee with a really good machine and a nice grind?

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    they make a lot of different things



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