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    Best Coffee Shop in Rio de Janeiro?


    I'm travelling to Brazil (Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro) this november. I never travelled there before and I'm super excited! Brazil is world largest producer of coffee and I'd like to try some quality coffee there.

    If anyone have some experience or advice about this I'd be so happy to hear it! I'm interesting to hear about their "coffee habits", how much they drink it, where is the best coffee in Rio, what are the prices of coffee there etc.

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    I was in Rio de Janeiro 3 months ago and visited some speciality coffee shops. I suggest you to visit these cafes:

    Sofa Cafe: it's the best coffee shop in Rio de Janeiro, but it looks similar than cafes in other countries.

    Confiteira Colombo: there are two shops, but the best is in downtown. It has a belle epoque style and it's one of the most beautiful cafes in the world, yes it's true!

    Curto Cafe: there are 2 shops in a couch station, but the best is on the second floor. This place is a kind of social experiment, they trust in customers, there are data-phones and cans where put money and nobody controls, instead of cashiers. The coffee is good and cheap (a pack of half pound of beans for 2 dollars) People are very friendly!

    Caffeine Cafe: there are several stores. Always there is a Appetite near you in Rio.

    You can find the addresses using Google or TripAdvisor.

    PD: Lage park is the last attraction of Rio de Janeiro, there is an incredible "photo op". And there is a coffee with a nice view, but they don't make speciality coffee.

    Good trip!!!
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    People from Rio de Janeiro don't drink speciality coffee or good coffee usually. The same situation of other cities in coffee producer countries such as Bogota in Colombia. They export the best coffee.

    They drink more beer than coffee



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