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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddAlanWoodcraft View Post
    I would do a discount if someone brought their own thermos, and if my coffee shop sold thermos's- then I'd do the same or similar cost for a refill- if they had purchased one of ours.
    $14 for a thermos $0.50 a refill -or- bring your own thermos- $0.65 a fill for the same sized one. Something like that.
    That's fair.
    yes. I think that is a good idea.
    always it brings extra income to sell other coffee related products, such as cups, shirts, roasted beans of your own brand...etc
    if the customer buys a cup from you, perhaps you can give a couple of free coffee and then bit less refill charges.
    or if the customer wears your coffee shop/brand t-shirts, bit less refill also or extra discount on his/her drinks.
    it will be a good marketing.

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    Without politics/religious beliefs/ideologies, this is actually a very simple question and answer:

    If you can wash customers own cups to the same standard as restaurants wash their dishes, which means following FDA Food Code 2013: and use 3-compartment sink (wash, rinse, and sanitize), then nobody should have any issues with it at all.

    So the only question is "can you"? If you can, put a note on your counter to inform your customers; if you can't, don't even think about it.
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