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    Asking for Tips at a Coffee Shop

    For those who own or work as a barista in a local coffee shop,
    Would it be rude to ask questions about how certain drinks are made? Would you consider me wanting to know how you make a cappuccino or a latte at home as just going their for that info to just go home, make my own coffee, or steal your recipes? I have been asking what their coffee selection is being served for their espresso and drip coffee.

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    Lol. They will never be able to replicate your recipes. I take that back. If they buy an espresso machine for $16,000 or more they might be able to after they are trained. I wouldn't be so guarded on your recipes. I tell everyone what is in my blends. I don't care. If they are trying to replicate good for them...they wont get it exact though. Instead of keeping your cards close to your chest..invite them to learn. Trust me they will buy a crappy $50 machine go home and play barista for about 2 weeks then the novelty will wear off.
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    Are you supposed to tip at coffee shops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by briannocramming View Post
    Are you supposed to tip at coffee shops?
    This thread is about the kind of tips that are considered to be helpful information that a person would want to know.

    In this case, a tip is a small but useful, piece of practical advice on how to make coffee drinks.

    But, to answer your question . . . Yes, it is a good idea to tip at coffee shops. Tip money is always welcomed, especially if the barista gives you some tips on how to make coffee at home.



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