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    Trying to figure out what the average budget/profit breakdown is.
    Here's what I'm seeing.
    Please let me know if yours is the same or how much different it is.

    35% - COGS (operating expenses, ingred)
    20% - SGNA (payroll, advtg, rent, taxes, office supplies)
    5% - MISC
    40% - GPM (gross profit margin)

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    budget #s

    I think you're pretty close on COGS, but depending on your set up I think your payroll #'s are otoo low. How many staff will you have on at a time? How many hours do you intend to work yourself? Also, one item I didn't factor in well in the beginning is training time. When training a new employee, extra time for you or another staff member is neessary. I'd love to see a 40% profit, but I have discovered that the bottom line is volume. If you can sell 2X the drinks in an hour, with the same amount of staff, the only thing that really changes is COGS, but the profit is greater, so I'd really try top base your estimates on a realistic volume.
    Let me know if I can help again - assuming this has been helpful!

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    35% is good for food costs, it can be lower but its a good mark

    payroll is tricky - one fulltime staff will cost you aprox $3000 month

    that one person should be able to handle $500 a day sales $15000 month

    when you sales increase or you serve food that you have to cook or prep then your labor costs go up alot.

    Rent is a fixed cost so the higher your revenue the less % cost.


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    Budget Breakdowns

    Would anyone be so kind as to show me your budget breakdown? Specifically, the different lines you have & under what categories you have them in. This will greatly help me figure my business out & get me started a lot faster. And maybe the percentage breakdowns will flow a bit easier.

    If you'd prefer off the board:

    REALLY appreciate your helping out a coffee newbie.



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