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    Actual rule of thumb for drive thru traffic count

    I put my business plan together for an Espresso Drive thru based on 1 cup per 1% of the traffic count.

    Since many viewers of this forum have espresso drive thrus, it would be interesting to see what others have experienced as far as actual numbers.

    So far I have heard that the actual is between .35 and .6%.

    It would be nice to get a feel for what actual people in the field are experiencing as far as percentage of traffic count resulting in an ordered cup.

    Thank You

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    Clarification on traffic count

    It is important what we are calling "traffic count".

    Are we referring to traffic moving in both directions on the street?

    Are we referrring to commuter traffic in the morning inbound direction on the same side of the street as the drive thru?

    What about if there is an intersection between two main streets? How do we estimate daily cups with so many variables?



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