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    Okay for the last two nights I have been having dreams about the coffee house that I want to open. The weird thing is it isn't even my coffee house, it's the coffee house that I went to when I was in college. I wonder if it is because of all the research I have been doing lately. I even woke up this morning thinking I had to go to my coffee house. Then reality hit me and I realized I had to go to my boring job. oh well one day I'll be getting up and going to my very own coffee house.
    I was wondering if any of you ladies and gentelmen have or had this experience when starting your own coffee house.


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    You’re a very sick person to be dreaming about someone else's coffeehouse!

    Or maybe it is time for a change in your daily routine.
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    yes sick...unless you're dreaming about my shop
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    Everything begins with a dream

    For me it means that you are emotionally involved in planning your new life. I would say: go for it! Why stay in a boring job when life can be so much more than that! Your dream communicates you the great feeling of being in a coffee shop, enjoying a perfect cup of coffee! Just imagine what a great feeling is to own one Good luck, do not let life swallow you, you have to dream it and lead it.

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    Sounds normal to me - my husband and I have both been doing that lately...we hop to open in June.....some of our best ideas come when we're sleeping.....all the mess of the day is not in the way. Good luck and keep dreaming.
    life is meant for living....not for looking back and wishing....

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    Whaaaattt??? Sorry I was dreaming I was having the most wonderful cup of java at a coffee house, come to think of it, it was your place Coffee Time
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